What Baristas have to say about Nanopresso in the Cafe!

Barista Chris Lawrence left this lovely review on one of our photos on Facebook:

I'm barista trained and I previously owned a coffee shop; I've honestly not had an espresso this good out of anything other than a top-end espresso machine.  I would recommend the following:  Get the barista kit and always use the double baskets (8g of coffee simply isn't enough for a decent espresso), control your grind (which depends largely on the roast of the bean), preheat the system, pre-infuse the beans before fully pumping out the espresso, control the outbound flow (constant flow, thin as a matchstick), measure all weights ..., and use a 1:2 - 1:4 ratio (I prefer 1:3 - so 15g coffee for 45g espresso).  This is as close to perfection as you'll get without dropping a grand! - Chris Lawrence


Special thanks to Loftea Cafe and Barista George (in video) for creating these fantastic looking (and tasting!) espresso drinks!